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This is the short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. For more information about #creativityPRISM check out our Blog, or if you need more specific support, please Contact Us.

Following are the key 'buckets of information' that make up creativityPRISM's FAQs:

1. Overview

2. History & Development

3. Applications

4. Future development

5. Accessing creativityPRISM

6. The creativityPRISM app … the basics

7. How to contribute

8. About “Awesome ideas for the future of …”


1. Overview

What is creativityPRISM?

No seriously, CreativityPRISM is a generative idea and strategy development tool and integrated solution for making awesome ideas happen. Just, identify your challenge, generate some ideas and let creativityPRISM work its magic in guiding you to the most applicable, desirable, feasible and viable solution to your challenge.

How does creativityPRISM work?

As an approach, creativityPRISM acts to ‘split open’ or fractal an idea to identify and unpack its many colours – its perspectives, aspects, attributes and applications. CreativityPRISM seeks to identify the most ideal idea or ideas ”fit for purpose’ for a given opportunity.


2. History & Development

How did the idea for creativityPRISM come about?

Check out our Story for why and how creativityPRISM was created.

Where does the name come from?

Well, the word ‘PRISM’ had to be in the name, and creativityPRISM because it rolls off the tongue better than innovationPRISM or ideaPRISM.

Also, Adam Jorlén (@adamjorlen), creativityPRISM’s co-creator, is Swedish and when he says “creativityPRISM” is just sounds so cool! Go on, just ask him.

What’s ‘under the hood’ of creativityPRISM?

CreativityPRISM is a ground-breaking tool at the intersection of innovation, strategic thinking, foresight and gamification. It draws upon the theories and practices of design thinking, collaborative creativity, rapid prototyping, appreciative inquiry, strategic foresight and futures thinking, agile project implementation, and fractal innovation, just to name a few.

What’s so special about creativityPRISM?

That’s like asking Usain Bolt why he is the world’s best 100m sprinter in the world, ever!

Here goes … creativityPRISM rapid tests in real-time lots of ideas for addressing a given challenge to identify which idea or ideas will deliver the quickest and greatest impact in addressing that challenge.

Most idea exploration occurs in a linear way (e.g., what is it, how does it work, what can can be done with it, etc) and examining aspects of the idea in turn. These approaches build an idea incrementally. By comparison, the creativityPRISM utilises chance (the rolling of a dice) to create a non-linear exploration of an idea across four ‘faces’ of a prism simultaneously; thus keeping the whole of the idea in view and intact.


3. Applications

What are the uses of creativityPRISM?

We are still discovering them!

To date, creativityPRISM has been used in the disciples of idea brainstorming, business model generation, service delivery design, product development, value proposition creation and market testing, career planning, a whole-of-government innovation initiative, action learning project planning and implementation, corporate strategy development, crowd-sourcing ideas for a Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, developing a marketing and brand management strategy development, and educating post-graduate university students in industrial design principles.


4. Future development

What does the future hold for creativityPRISM?

Well, we keep asking creativityPRISM that question and it keeps giving us some pretty cool ideas and pathways for where it wants to go next. Stay tuned as it promises to be an awesome ride!


5. Accessing creativityPRISM

How can I access creativityPRISM?

At the moment, the quickest way to get a taste of creativityPRISM is to download our iPhone app, available at the iTunes store.

Alternatively, contact us (@richardharmer | @adamjorlen) for information on how to access the ‘physical world’ game.

Can I rip-off creativityPRISM?

You could, but it just wouldn’t be nice. Accessing and using creativityPRISM in all its forms is subject to the Terms Of Use statement found at


6. The #creativityPRISM app … the basics

How do I play a game of creativityPRISM?

Simple. Start your app, think of a challenge and a possible idea for addressing that challenge. Then, press ‘PLAY’ and follow the prompts.

What if my idea doesn’t work?

Not the fault of the creativityPRISM or the app, you just had a rubbish idea – use the built in Idea Ranking function (1 star for garbage and 5 stars for awesome) to indicate that outcome. Then, generate a new idea and play again.

Who else can see my ideas?

No one. All ideas are stored locally on your iPhone or iPad. But, the whole idea of knowing you have discovered your truly game-changing idea is having others also think it is awesome, so we have two idea sharing options for you – you can post your idea to Facebook or share it via Twitter.

Once you share your idea and/or initiative on Facebook or Twitter, everyone can see and contribute to your idea to make it even better, and also be a contributor in making it happen.

Any other tips for sharing my ideas effectively online?

When sharing via Twitter, use hashtags (#) if you want to cluster a series of related ideas together. For example, if you wanted to share all of your awesome ideas for creating the world’s best #fractalinnovationgame then use that hashtag.

And on Facebook, rumour has it you will be able to use a hashtag with your Facebook friends soon.

Why does the app attach the hashtag ‘#creativityPRISM’ to all of the ideas I share via Facebook and Twitter?

Unlike idea couch potatoes that have potentially awesome ideas that don;t happen, Ideaists (embrace the Ideaism Movement!) are committed to making awesome ideas happen. By attaching the ‘#creativityPRISM’ hashtag to any idea you decide to share publicly, it increases exponentially the possibility that your potentially awesome idea will happen somewhere in the world.

Similarly, if you have run out of ideas for addressing a current challenge you are facing, try searching the Twitter stream for ‘#creativityPRISM’ for some real-time inspiration.

What other services is creativityPRISM app compatible with?

Currently, you can share your ideas and your initiatives on an idea-by-idea basis on Facebook and Twitter. Going forward, we plan on supporting additional services but have nothing else to announce at this time.

How can I back-up my ideas?

The easiest way is to share your ideas publicly via Facebook or Twitter and use the crowd as your back-up. Your could also select the idea or ideas you want to back-up from the ‘Saved Ideas’ screen of the app and then email all selected ideas to your personal email account.

When are you going to make the app for Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, iPad, etc

We are currently working on making the iPhone experience as solid as possible. Only then will we consider other platforms, but currently we have nothing to announce.

How much is the creativityPRISM app?

What is the real value of a tool that guides you in identifying an awesome idea that could change the world? Well, we have put a price of $4.49 (AUD) on it – cheaper than a cup of coffee in some well to do establishments.


7. How to contribute

How can I contribute to the future development of creativityPRISM?

Awesome idea. Contact us to see what is needed and offer what you can in taking creativityPRISM to scale.


8. About the “Awesome ideas for the future of …” idea-athon series

What is “Awesome ideas for the future of …” ?

CreativityPRISM is all about identifying and examining ideas so determine how they might be fit-for-purpose for the future. Our “awesome ideas for the future of …” series is about identifying and testing ideas that, for a given context, might be game-changing in creating business and social value.

How can I contribute to “Awesome ideas for the future of …” ?

Get the app and at the nominated time start for one of our “Awesome ideas for the future of …” idea-thons start playing creativityPRISM. Post your ideas and initiatives via Twitter remembering to use the hashtag for that idea-thon.

And if generating ideas is not your thing, follow the Twitter feed, take someone else’s idea and build upon it by playing creativityPRISM. Then post your idea to Twitter letting the originator of the idea know how you have taken their idea to the next level.