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Richard Harmer (Co-Creator)



A recent game of creativityPRISM revealed the following about Richard:

Q: How is a puppy and Rich alike?

 A: Both like to put their noses into everything and can be trusted to indiscriminately run towards the crowd in search of fun, a tasty treat and a friendly scratch behind the ear.

Rich is an idea generator and shaper, ever curious and always sniffing out new possibilities and opportunities. A portfolio entrepreneur and an advocate for making awesome ideas happen, Rich is a natural sales person for the future. He created creativityPRISM to help connect ideas to the people and resource needed to make them happen.


Adam Jorlen (Co-Creator)



A recent game of creativityPRISM revealed this about Adam:

“Now playing 52 roles – via African music, entrepreneurship and city sounds, he emerges as Trickster.”

Adam Jorlen alternates between futures-focused entrepreneur and entrepreneurial futurist. He is a fractal being, spanning countries, roles and concepts. Everywhere, yet nowhere – like the ever elusive disruptive idea. Sometimes playing the role of ‘trickster’ to show that “the status quo has no clothes”. But also a fortune teller for the future …  sounding the notes of what is yet to be.